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Originally Posted by fryea View Post
GREAT writeup. Do you have any pictures, or links to, where one can acquire:
4. 1/8" x 1" flat bar
5. 1/2" x 1/2" square stock
6. 1/4" fine thread male rod end with universal 1/4" clevis pin
7. 36" -3 steel braided line with one end converted to a -4 due to adaptor sizing needs
8. 2 fitings, one -3 with a crush washer for the master cylinder, and 12mm x 1.0 to -4 with a crush washer for the slave cylinder
Well I guess it depends on where you live, things like the flat bar and square stock can be had at any metal shop, home improvement place or most hardware stores, same with the rod end and clevis pin. You may have to goto some more speciality hardware stores though for the clevis and rod end. I went to OSH, a local chain of home improvement stores.

The lines and fittings can be ordered from summit, jegs or pretty much any local speed shop or catalog. But note that there are many dirfferent ways to run and attach the line, but in the end you want something with an inside diameter equivelent to a -3 AN.

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