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Default Which 2.4 ECU have fan control?

I am trying to wire up an electric fan and found out that on the 940s the ECU would control the fan on pins 10 and 11.
Which ECU part numbers had fan control on pins 10 and 11?

I have tried the pins on my 951, which doesn't seem to do anything. I have a 937 lying around. Would that do the trick?
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Mark G
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Based upon discussions in this thread, I'd give the 937 a try.

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Feedback thread

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Yeah the 951 doesn't have the efan control because it is a 240 ECU and those never ever had efan. It's a 9xx that doesn't do efan. Any other 740 or 940 ECU that is 9xx should have efan control.

The way to tell for sure is pop the top off the ECU and there is a certain area that has a chip or two that is suposed to be soldered onto the board and if it's there yes it has efan control. If not, like on the 951 it's missing from the spot, then no efan control.
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