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Default Dyno results----2nd gear?!?

First, It was awesome to meet so many of you in person at the Carlisle show. I'm really glad I went. I have a couple hours of video of some of the coolest stuff I can share eventually.

Well, I put my brick on the dyno at the Carlisle Import show. It was (is again today) a really cool show. Lots of cool Volvos. One highlight was Vovette on the dyno. I'll let Dug post about that though (thanks for the beers man).

I had so much trouble with the automatic tran in my car on the dyno. First, I pulled the kickdown cable and clamped it with vice grips as instructed on the forum. The dyno operator then tried for like 15 minutes to get it to shift out of 2nd gear. It was crazy. He would go up to like 6000 rpms and it would not shift to third. If it did for a sec, it downshifted to second as soon as he let off to sample it. I eventually had to climb up on the dyno (mobile one) and hook my tv cable back up. Then, I told him to drive 75 mph, let the rpm drop, then floor it, hoping it would not go to 2nd. Guess what. It did, again, and again, and again.

So, I got 2 crappy runs w/ it downshifting, but then he just put it in second and did a run. Here are the results. He said he corrected it fairly well, but I don't think I reached 20 psi in second b/c there wasn't enough load on the engine. Oh well. I was disappointed. Here are the #'s:

What do you think about all that? I guess I did learn that I am rich enough!


Dave Seel
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