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Today 01:27 AM
HonestJhon maybe you had it adjusted TOO tight? back it off just a tad...? cause i thought it was supposed to be JUST before kickdown, but as tight as possible so that the line pressure is high, but it wont want to kick down...

This really is what I did, but maybe just too close to the click? Oh well, I'm keeping the car for awhile now. Plenty of time for more testing. The good thing here is that my car feels MUCH faster now. It is like night and day since I did all the head and header stuff.

I wish I had time to go enter the bracket racing up the street today. Last run in the Volvo, I had a perfect reaction time because I am so relaxed in there. Too bad the car was stock and I got a 15.8 @ 88. I was just laughing the whole time. It was weird b/c I could not hear the car at all. I get nervous in my vette and loose a little focus. I have lost every possible way in that car, and even almost hit the wall, then my brother in his Volvo. I have also won a few times, but usually loose at the end of the finals (red light or break out). It would be fun to win the trophy (or some cash) in my Wagon! The trans may not like all those runs very much though.
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