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Kick down cable not secure? Could you please explain? I had it in vice grips all the way tight, just before the click. It wouldn't even get up to third gear, even at really high RPMs. It just wanted to stay in first and sometimes second. We tried and tried. There were a good number of turbobrickers standing around too. I would have thought we could have got it.

He also tried going 70 mph then flooring it, but guess went to second. Also, I have tightened the kickdown cable, and found that any tighter makes for some really wierd driving (i.e. bouncing off the rev limit, hard shifts in slow traffic, shifts delayed beyond torque curve, etc.).

Also, I could not climb up on the mobile dyno to fiddle w/ it during the sampling. I guess I could manuever the cable better during the run if the car was on a shop floor.

I figure I should just test at the drag strip from now on until I get a 5-speed.

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