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OK. I found some problems!!! This is good. The car is MUCH faster now.

First, I noticed antifreeze leaking out both sides of the head gasket........well, I was expecting that, so I tore it down in my new garage. First thing I notice is that my #1 spark plug was only threaded about 1/2 way down. The threads were so buggered up that I was getting the right torque value before the plug was even close to seated. So, I put a time-cert in there, good as new. Next, everything was DIRTY! I cleaned, polished and lapped the valves. I cleaned and polished the piston tops. I also ported the head pretty heavy. I even ground out and smoothed the oil passegeways on the exhaust side of the head (to speed flow of oil out of head to keep it cooler/cleaner). Then I carved in some of the Somender Sighns grooves and decked the head.

My exhaust manifold was also cracked so badly you could see light through it. I had this welded and went crazy porting it even more than it was before. Now it is ready for a big turbo.

Well, it was night and day difference. The car really goes now. Can't wait to find out how fast it is in the 1/4.


edit: after testing in second gear in similair weather, the above dyno run was at approx 15 psi

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