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Yesterday 06:57 PM
MrBill I was there for the dyno, bummer bout it kicking down so much. you need to get a stick in there asap

First, It was awesome to meet so many of you in person at the Carlisle show. I'm really glad I went.

Agreed, I had a great time meeting everyone also. Although I'm sure I wont be remembered till I go really fast *cry*
I remember meeting you anyway, but you should work on the fast thing! J/K.

Aren't stick conversions much more difficult in the 700/900 series?

Today 06:23 AM
dirtbike I thought it looked a little on the lean side at peak torque, based on the dyno sheet.
Too bad it would go into 3rd, nice numbers non the less.

I didn't even notice that until you said it. It is 13:1 at the torque peak. Funny it gets really rich while the power is dropping off, but not at the torque peak. Well, there isn't much I can do about it w/out doing some real tuning. Right now I have 46 lb cfi injectors w/ a 2.5 bar fpr. I also have a 3" AMM tube. It would be interesting to do a run w/ the stock AMM and a little smaller injectors. I guess this is where lh kinda sucks. It is cool though that you can do all this stuff to it, and it still runs really well.

Yesterday 09:47 PM
L8 APEKS What's the going rate on manual swaps these days, and how much power can they put up with? I'm kinda thinking about this lately. lol.

Nice dyno, BTW.

PS...what do you guys think this would have corrected to if he ran it in 3rd? Is there any way to tell?
Like I said, the dyno operator tried to correct for the 2nd gear pull already. The only thing that would maybe give us more info is if I do a street run in 2nd to see what boost it would have been making. Probably 16-17 psi. I bet it starts dropping in the higher rpms b/c of less load. Maybe that is why it starts getting so much richer.

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